Selmer Thunderbird Twin 30 Vox/marshall/ Sound City

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 1551105477066020 Selmer Thunderbird Twin 30  Vox/marshall/ Sound City

 1963 Selmer Truvoice Thunderbird twin 30 croc-skin. This is a working plug-in and play amp.. However, this amp has had extensive maintenance ..... the entire power supply section (lower  chassis) has been entirely restored/re-wired including the output transformer leads. every point has been looked after and resolderd and every failed component replaced.. most of the Wima tropyfoils are still in the circuit.. the questionable ones were replaced with sozos or mustards of the correct value. the circuit has not been altered or modified in any way.and all the transformers are original to the amp including the multi tap mains tranformer which runs on 120volts ac no variac needed. selmer did not make a lot of amps with this option..... the only mod is a 16ohm speaker output jack in the rear of the bottom chassis.which is available from the output transformer lug. the internal run off another speaker output in the side of the chassis at 8ohm which is the stock configuration.the speakers are the original celestion T731 hammer finished alnicos from 1963 reconed at Orange County speaker with 1777 kits and no edge dope impossible to find matched pair in perfect condition 16ohm each.the preamp (upper chassis section) has had extensive maintenance as well all new electrolytics as well as resistors. most of the Wimas are still there as i did not want to start changing those. the tremelo works but it has a thump issue it is currently hard-wired so when you turn the knob it engages and the magic eye pulses. the reverb tank is out of the amp and disconnected but the leeds are there if you want to fuss with it. the original dual footswitch is included in the auction (impossible to find) this amp is 30watts 2xEL34 cathode bias so it is not quite as loud as an AC30  GZ 34 valve  rectified.the amp makes some very minimal ocean noise at first then  disappears after warm-up. this is most likely in the preamp caps at this point which for the most part are original Wimas and coming up on 50 years old. the amp has a beautiful round, three-dimensional sound that only selmers with ultralinear output transformers have. this amp is offed to the Continental USA ONLY!!! and can be pay for by paypal,cash on collection or Wells Fargo account to account funds transfer. shipping will be expensive as this is a delicate and very heavy amp. it will take hours to box and pack this amp correctly. and if I'm shipping it I want it to get there in working I will charge $150 to box and ship this amp to you in the lower 48. if you live close to Los Angeles and it is a large difference i will refund the fair amount. local pickup is encouraged and welcome. please ask all questions before bidding and i will be happy to answer in a timely fashion. Good Luck It's a rare Bird !!!!

 1551105477066021 Selmer Thunderbird Twin 30  Vox/marshall/ Sound City

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